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PhD by Research Project, Lisa Cianci, 2012

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I would firstly like to thank my supervisor Professor Lyndal Jones for her incredibly insightful advice, and her support and encouragement over the years it has taken to undertaken this research, I could not have asked for a more suitable supervisor. Thanks also for her participation in the research as one of my case studies. The “At Home Series” archive project has been such an interesting and worthwhile project to develop.

To my wonderful partner Carey for his love and support, and for putting up with an eternal student all these years – I couldn't have completed this project without his help, thank you so much. To my darling son Tommaso who was born right in the middle of this eight-year journey – thanks for making life so much more enjoyable. Fortunately he is a good sleeper, which has meant a lot of this research work was done very, very late into the night.

Thanks to my parents Rosa and Mario who have always been so encouraging of all my artistic and academic endeavours, and for providing so many delicious meals, and so many hours of babysitting. Thanks to my recently deceased grandmother Millie (she can be seen in the artwork “Alien Resident”), who was so proud of all her grandchildren’s achievements – we miss her.

To my sisters Sonia and Julia, thanks for all the support and advice (and humour) – an arts PhD is a little different to a physics or chemistry PhD, but many of the problems and frustrations are the same (you know what I mean). Special thanks to Julia for being my Archives Assistant on the “At Home Series” archives project – I couldn't have completed so much of that documentation work without her, and it was great to have my sister working with me. Special thanks to both of my sisters for helping to make sure that this exegesis is readable.

Thanks to Dean Keep for scanning the slides for the “At Home Series”, to all of the user testers, guest remixers and artist participants for giving their time and resources to assist this research project. The “Guest Remix” feedback has been very useful and the outcomes very much in the spirit of the project.

Thanks in particular to the Atemporal participants Antony Catrice (who also helped with testing and checking for typos and broken links), Greg Giannis, Carey Potter and Stefan Schutt, it is great working and collaborating in an online archival space on a long-term, ongoing project and I’m looking forward to seeing all the creative possibilities that will develop over time.





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