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Future-Proofing for Artists - Educational Modules and Student Feedback


Based upon the identified requirement for education of artists and creative developers to undertake their own archiving and preservation strategies, modules for educating artists under the title “Future-proofing for artists” have been developed. A pilot of this educational content was trialled with Advanced Diploma students in the Digital Media Program, School of IT and Creative Industries at Victoria University, and two further modules will be taught to Visual Art and Creative Industries Diploma students from the same School in the second half of 2012.

Students are working with methods from simple file naming and directory management, to considering storage media, migration and emulation strategies for their own content, and ultimately considering and documenting their intent for how their artwork should be presented and re-presented over time. My websites containing class materials which include the "Future-proofing" activities and modules are located at these URLs:

Digital Media - Workshop 2 <>

Visual Art - Context & Culture 4 <>

Creative Industries - Creative Technologies <>

Thus far, only the Digital Media, Workshop 2 unit has been completed. A Survey Monkey online survey was created for collecting student feedback from the "Future-proofing" activity which formed a part of the Workshop 2 project. The survey can be found at:

Future-proofing activity survey <>

The feedback has been compiled as a PDF document:

Future-proofing feedback PDF <Workshop2_FutureProofingSurveyFeedback_20120721.pdf>


The feedback from this survey is only from 6 participants because it was a very small class, and a couple of the students did not complete the Unit of study. Those that completed the feedback were very engaged in the processes involved in the activity, and although the level of feedback detail varied, some of the responses were very well considered. All students that have participated in the activity have altered their creative practice to some extent to consider the content dealt with in the workshop activity. The following two trials will involve more detailed activities, so the feedback should be more extensive when the modules are complete. Already, I can report that the Visual Art students are very engaged in the activities and see the value of this module within the greater program.



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